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Alejandra Schrader is a Los Angeles based chef, healthy-cooking advocate, and public speaker. Formerly trained as an architect and urban planner, she changed careers after making the Top 10 of FOX's popular cooking show MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay. She uses her love for food and passion for cooking to fuel a number of projects that include her own cookbook, cooking show, and upcoming line of seasoning blends!


Don't miss Alejandra's appearance and cooking segment on CBS The Talk on Wednesday, March 26th! Check your local listings!

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IMG_2904Sunset in the Big Island, HawaiiAlejandra Schrader and her dog, BroleyAlejandra SchraderAlejandra SchraderAlejandra SchraderAlejandra Schrader and her dog, BroleyAlejandra SchraderKevin Sharp Photoshoot 3